Week 1 Case Study Discussion

The case we will be discussing can be found on page 153.

Case: Corneas in the Congo

Brief summary: We are the head of a small aid agency in the Congo. Our mission is to provide health service for refugees. We focus on giving intensive help to small communities. Our camp has fifty people currently in it. A parasite has caused 10 people to go blind. Out of the 10 people 1/2 are children. We have worked with Doctors Without Borders in the past. This time they have informed us that they can perform the surgery but that it is impossible to get the corneas needed for implants.

Few days later the director of Doctors Without Borders and informs us that there is a Chinese aid agency that has twenty corneas available and will trade us for a truck and ten cases of medical supplies. We are informed that the corneas are coming from a wealthy business man that bought them from a middle man that buys body parts from prisons. The prison carefully execute criminals and then take their livers and corneas for sale. The prison warden is liberal with executions, especially political prisoners.

Questions for Thursday Discussion -

1. What principles are important to you in this decision? How would you think about the greatest good in this case?
Daniel to do this one. DONE

2.As a leader, what are your duties and who are the stakeholders in the case?
Beverly has this one. DONE

3.What are the long-term ramifications of your decision?
Dalila has this one.

4.Does your "gut feeling" about this case differ from what you think is right? If so, which would be your guide?
Jose to do this one.

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